Four Things You Need to Start Learning the Ukulele:

The Uke can be a fast, easy and fun instrument to learn, for any age group.

  1. A ukulele – the cheapest ones are only around €20, but if you spend a bit more, between €50 and €80, you will get a uke that sounds great and is much more enjoyable to play
  2. Some music to play – you can play any song on a uke. There are millions of possibilites, but you will benefit greatly from finding someone to show you where to start. Learning easy songs first and gradually getting harder will lead you to the stage where you can play any song on your uke!
  3. A commitment to practice your uke at least once a day. Not hard when you’ll be having so much fun, it will be like transporting yourself to Hawaii for twenty minutes a day!
  4. A teacher who can guide you through the steps you need to take to learn the uke, provide music for you to play, and show you how to practice at home. Trying to teach yourself from youtube videos can work if you are an extremely self-motivated person, but anyone else will have a hard time keeping up progress.

Playing the ukulele is a great exercise for your brain! Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument:

  • helps reduce stress
  • increases concentration
  • increases congnitive ability
  • enhances memory

Lutz Jäncke, a psychologist at the University of Zurich, said: “Learning to play a musical instrument has definite benefits and can increase IQ by seven points, in both children and adults.

“We found that even in people over the age of 65 after four or five months of playing a instrument for an hour a week there were strong changes in the brain.

“The parts of the brain that control hearing, memory, and the part that controls the hands among others, all become more active. Essentially the architecture of the brain changes.”(

The ukulele is a perfect instrument for kids from the age of 6, as its small size is well suited for small fingers! It is excellent preparation for switching to guitar in the future, if that is a desired goal.