What students said about the lessons:

“I attended ukulele lessons with Daniel for about 5 months. In this time I participated in private and group lessons. The private lessons allowed me to explore my own musical ability and work on some specific techniques while the group lessons provided me with a full hour of playing non stop. Both were vital to my playing and improvement. During my time I learnt to tune my uke by ear, read tabs, play melodies and chords, perform solo or in a group and even play by ear. Daniel’s ability to provide dynamic and diverse lessons makes the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable.” – Sinead O’C

 sinead Dun Laoghaire Ukulele Lessons

“Daniel is the perfect teacher for anyone looking to learn the ukelele. He has a great repertoire of songs to teach and will help you master chords, melodies, and rhythms is no time. His classes are fun, relaxed and productive. I would definitely recommend him.” – Sallyann T.


I have been learning to play the Ukulele for around six months and bar piano when a kid, never played anything but the fool:)
Dan is passionate about his music and this is very prevalent in his teaching, I find him patient and he has an easy going relaxed approach.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the school!

I have also been to a couple of the rhythm workshops now and really enjoyed the buzz, the noise when it all comes together within the group is powerful and really lifts the spirits :-)
Both teachers are passionate and create a relaxed comfortable environment which makes picking things up fun :-)
I would thoroughly recommend!

markmcg2Mark M.

I had a ukulele hanging around the house.  When Daniel’s leaflet came in the door with the offer of a free trial lesson, I thought it would be cool to learn a few tunes on it so I could join in on the annual ukulele festival in Dún Laoghaire for the craic.  I didn’t think there would be any more hope of learning one or two stock tunes but I was content enough with that seeing as I’m a bit long in the tooth & no natural musician.
Daniel opened my eyes to the possibility of a much wider scope for having fun with music than that!  He’s taught me how to learn by ear so I wouldn’t have to always be dependent on having the “music” in front of me.  He also taught me how to use sing while playing & free myself up to enjoy the experience more. And he has taught me various tricks for memorizing tunes while learning them.
As a consequence my timing & sensitivity to the actual music around me has improved in a way I never thought possible – and in such a short time as well!  I learn so much during each lesson that one can only imagine the prodigy I could have become if I had more time to practice!  For the first time though, I am
motivated to make time to practice – so I must be having fun.
Yes I would recommend Daniel to a friend because I walked out of my first lesson being able to strum along or play the melody to a tune that was coincidentally also subtling teaching me a scale & useful easy chords.  Each lesson introduces a new element of versatility with a new tune.  What a sneak – but in such a good way!
suz4Suzanna O’Coineen, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin”

“When I started my lessons with Daniel I was so nervous as I had never played an instrument in my life. But Daniel made me feel so comfortable and relaxed while learning to play. I feel confident that I am progressing at a steady pace. Daniel always has new and exciting songs for me to learn every week. He makes you feel at ease and is so patient which I feel makes a great teacher!”  

– Gillian D.

“Daniel is not only an extremely talented musician but also a great teacher. I came to him as a complete beginner wishing to learn a few of my favourite songs and we’ve done exactly that. Daniels patience and understanding of basic techniques have helped me hugely. It’s been a pleasure to learn from such a genuinely lovely guy! Thanks Daniel :) ” – Saoirse B. (Guitar student)


“lessons are most enjoyable!” – Peter H.


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