How to become an amazing uke player and enjoy the process

The Uke is a perfect instrument for you to learn basic musical skills like playing chords and melodies. It’s easy and fast to pick up, which makes learning it a lot of fun.

Even if you have never played an instrument before, it won’t take you long before you can confidently play simple songs on your uke.

“When I started my lessons with Daniel I was so nervous as I had never played an instrument in my life. But Daniel made me feel so comfortable and relaxed while learning to play. I feel confident that I am progressing at a steady pace. Daniel always has new and exciting songs for me to learn every week. He makes you feel at ease and is so patient which I feel makes a great teacher!” – Gill D.


It’s never too late to start learning. You will be amazed at what you can achieve with a little bit of patience and the right tools. The right tools are the right songs to learn for your own skill level!

“I had a ukulele hanging around the house.  When Daniel’s leaflet came in the door with the offer of a free trial lesson, I thought it would be cool to learn a few tunes on it so I could join in on the annual ukulele festival in Dún Laoghaire for the craic.  I didn’t think there would be any more hope of learning one or two stock tunes but I was content enough with that seeing as I’m a bit long in the tooth & no natural musician.Daniel opened my eyes to the possibility of a much wider scope for having fun with music than that!  He’s taught me how to learn by ear so I wouldn’t have to always be dependent on having the “music” in front of me.  He also taught me how to sing while playing & free myself up to enjoy the experience more.” – Suzanna O’C

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Check out the video page to see some ukulele demonstrations and students’ videos.

Performance of “House of the Rising Sun” at Dun Laoghaire Library – a performance with 37 guitar and ukulele students!

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Every student at Dublin Ukulele Lessons get the following:

√    A specially designed course – to help you progress at the fastest possible rate

√    Easy to read tabs – so that everything you have to play is very clear

√    Individual attention – everybody learns at a different pace. You will receive instruction which is tailored to your needs. Go slow or go fast, the important thing is to keep progressing steadily

√    Mp3s of uke versions of every song you learn – so that you have something to practice with at home

√    The chance to meet and play with other uke players at a similar level to you – an extremely important part of playing any musical instrument is to play with others! It’s a joy to play music in a group, and helps you stay motivated

Look forward to teaching you how to play uke!

Daniel Jacobson

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